Deposit Form
Bar-KL Miniature American Shepherds

SIRE'S Name 
DAM'S Name 
This deposit terms and conditions are between Bar-KL, herein referred to as the Seller, and

                                                                                                                                                           herein known as the Buyer.

A $300.00 deposit is required to hold your puppy of your choice. Your deposit must be mailed promptly. Puppy will  
Be held for 4 Days time.   If deposit has not arrived within a 4 day period, puppy will be available for a Buyer.

Deposits are a measure of good faith, that you, the Buyer, intend to purchase a puppy.
In the event, for any reason that the Buyer is unable to meet His/Her agreement of the purchase of this given puppy,
The Seller, BarKL will retain 100% of the Deposit.    The DEPOSIT is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If the Buyers pick was not met, for example, if the puppy becomes unavailable, then the deposit may be transferred
to another puppy (if available) or a future litter with no penalties. Deposits are only good for a 1 Year period. In the event that 2 puppys in the same litter are purchased by the same party, each puppy will be due it's own deposit and in turn should the Buyer decide, for whatever reason to cancel on either puppy, deposits cannot be transferred to/or applied to the price of the other puppy chosen by the Buyer.  Bar-KL Miniature American Shepherds reserves the right to refund
or Cancel this agreement at our discretion anytime prior to final payment. 

Agreed Price of Puppy: $ 

Less Deposit Amount: $ 300.00  


Amount Due will be paid at time of Pickup (CASH ONLY)

I have read the above, understand and agree to the terms of this contract as evidenced by my signature below

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