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Guardian Program
This program allows you to have  “Our pick of the litter puppy," or adolescent/adult breeding dog.  You help us preserve our genetics and become a guardian over the breed.  This puppy/dog will be part of your family and live in your home, while the breeding rights are retained by Bar-KL MAS  to preserve the best genetics in our program.  This dog will always remain a member of your family.  This program allows for our dogs to live a normal, happy life in families where they get individual attention and at the same time allowing us to continue to build a Quality breeding program!

Guardians are NOT responsible for any expenses related to breeding.  Those are the sole responsibility of 
Bar-KL Miniature American Shepherds.

The benefits of this program are you get the very best that Bar-KL MAS  has to offer.   Breeding stock is chosen based on the best qualities that are outlined in our breed standard.  Another  benefit is that your dog will be completely health tested by 24 months of age at no cost to you!

You are responsible for routine veterinary care and wellness of the puppy.   Annual vaccines, grooming, monthly heartworm prevention, deworming, training, regular exercise and socialization, and foods, supplements.  The Guardian is responsible for any maintenance or needed medical care, just as would be expected of any other responsible pet parent. 

To be considered for the Guardian Program, we ask that you live within 100 miles of our home in Kernersville, NC.   It is necessary that you have  a safe and secure environment for your puppy (fenced yard preferred) own your own home, and have a schedule that will allow your dog not be left alone for extended periods of time.  Dogs should never be left outside to live.  You must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring your dog to us or meet within a reasonable meeting place,  when needed for breeding purposes. 

Once this dog has completed its breeding career, owner must agree to Spay/Neuter at this time.  This dog will always remain a member of your family.

Is There a Cost Involved to Be a Guardian Home?

Yes, initially. We do not give our Guardian dogs or pups away. The cost of a Guardian Home dog/puppy requires a deposit of 1/2 the standard pet puppy price regardless of the age, gender, color, or size of the puppy/ dog. When the Guardian puppy/dog has completed its breeding career for us, we will refund  1/2 of the deposit back to our Guardian Family as a way of saying “thank you” for participating in our Guardian Home Program.  This refund can be applied towards the Spay/Neuter.

I do have a few puppies/young dogs that are looking for a Guardian Home.  If interested, 
please contact me by email or you can call me.