From my first conversation with Lisa, till the day our family recieved our puppy, I knew she truly cared about quality breeding.   Being a previous "standard aussie" owner, I was excited to find a breeder who wanted to maintain the "standard aussie" charactistics in the miniature.   Lisa has successfully accomplished this through vast knowledge of the breed and devotion to maintaining quality pets.   Thank you Lisa, for providing a wonderful pet for our home.     The Horton Family Va.
I have been very pleased with all my dealings with Lisa.   She has a High Quality of Aussies
and she will do wahtever she can to help you with the raising of your Aussie.   I would buy again & again from her.   All of her dogs are very well maintained and are of the highest Quality.   You can be confident in the Quality and Honesty you will get from Lisa at BarKL Miniature Australian Shepherds.  Kellie Morris in Durham, NC

"" Our First Aussie Experience "  We were looking for a small breed for our 6 year old son.  I did some research and fell in love with the Mini Aussies.  I checked out NC breeders and came across a few places.  I came across a website for BarKL and read some of the information that Lisa and Kirk had on their website.  I made an appointment for a afternoon to visit BarKL.  When we arrived, Lisa greeted us and took us into her home.  She brought out the puppies and we fell in love.  We could not decide which one we wanted so we made our decision and bought BOTH!  Now our whole world revolves around our 2 newest members of our family.  Our house is filled with squeaky toys, doggy beds, treats, gates & crates, an exhausted mommy and daddy, one very happy 6 year old and 2 amazing puppies.   We have no doudt we made the right decsion and we are very thankful and proud to be an "aussie family".  Thank you Lisa and Kirk!!!    The Johnson Family, NC  
We have never owned a dog before, and after deciding on an Aussie and contacting Lisa, we have been extremely happy with her as a breeder.  She is very personable but also professional and knowledgeable.  Lisa has answered all our questions promptly and honestly, and has taken the time to check in with us even after we brought our puppy home to make sure the adjustment was going well.  Lisa takes great care rearing the pups and preparing them to be healthy, wonderful companions.  We couldn't be happier with our choice of breed or breeder.   The Foote Family, NC
We really enjoyed working with Lisa.  We felt that out of all the breeders we talked to, she was the most reasonable and down-to-earth.  She is very knowledgeable, has alot of experience and our puppy came to our home clean, Healthy and ready for fun.  Lisa's website is always updated and she takes great photos of the dogs.  Lisa always returned our emails promptly and we really enjoyed working with her.  As for "Jimmer", our new aussie, We Love Him!  He has a really fun playful personality, but he doesn't mind chilling on the kitchen floor watching me cook.  I can't believe how smart he is - already he will sit for everyone in our family - even our 4 yr old (provided there is a reward of course) and he knows right where his potty place is in the backyard.  He is turning out to be a great dog, and our 4 kids adore him.  If anyone asks us about getting an aussie we will enthusiastically recommend Bar-KL Mini Aussies.      Dyreng Family NC
From the first time that I entered their website, I knew that the new member of our Family would be from Lisa of Bar-KL.  When I started looking at breeders of mini aussies I wanted Professionalism, Knowledge, Help and most of all, lots of love for their dogs.  Kirk & Lisa exhibited all these and so much more.  I felt comfortable from the first conversation, and even though they did not have puppies available right then, I knew it would be worth the wait.  "Jinx" has a great temperament, is very smart and fits in great with our family.  Thanks Bar-KL       Chamberlains Family Newton, NC 
I just wanted you to know that the puppy I got from you on Easter 2 1/2 years ago,she is the best ever. We have so enjoyed having her.  She is in the bed between my husband and I everynight.   Our other girl Sydney, she is going on 10. The day she leaves us will be oh-so sad but we have already made up our minds that another mini or a toy would be our next love.   I will come back to you to get our next puppy.   I just had to write to you and let you know that there isn't a day that goes by that we don't thank you.  She was out of a Febuary litter - My birthday was the 18-I think Adelaide was born on the 17th.   She is our little sweet girl and i thank you so much.   Have a great day and i will be back to see you and your sweet pups one day!      Love Amanda 
We cannot say enough about Lisa as a breeder or as a person. We went into puppy searching a little apprehensive but basing our breed decisions pretty much solely on temperament, size, and activity level. Through our searches we found Mini Aussies and then found Lisa. She advised us and worked with us to get the perfect puppy at the perfect time for us. Her advising even meant losing a sale in one litter, so that we could get a puppy at a better time for us. From the time we first met Lisa she has been nothing but helpful. She welcomed us into her home several times to meet and choose a puppy. She sent us regular updates until the puppy came home, and then she even called and emailed to check in on how we were all doing with the adjustment. Our puppy, Mia, has been exactly what we were looking for. She came home well socialized, loves people, and has a very calm temperament (especially for an Aussie). Even close friends with Aussies complimented us on how “good and people-friendly” she was right from the start. Unfortunately, we cannot take any credit for these things. Lisa’s description of the puppies is right on even from a young age. She told us, “this one is my face-licker,” and six months later, boy was she right. We did have a few problems with Mia having a sensitive stomach as a new puppy. From what we’ve heard and read this is common, especially with Aussies. And when we were frustrated and annoyed with our vet, Lisa called me at 9:00pm on a Sunday night to walk me through how to treat her and change her diet, as well as a few helpful puppy tips. She was right, and we haven’t had a problem since. Lisa welcomes any questions or concerns I might have, and she treats and cares for these puppies as her babies, even once they go home. I have already recommended her to several friends, and I will continue to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a sweet, adorable, fun new addition to their family.
When my cattle dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge before my second child was born, I was determined to find another smart, sweet, wonderful (but smaller) dog.   A year and a half later, I found Lisa and her dogs.   From the first day I called, I knew she was the breeder who would have the dog for us.   I grew up with a standard Aussie, but did not want the standard size for our family (we needed a dog who would fit in the car with our boys and all the gear for hikes!)   When Bernie came home with us, we were instantly impressed by his sweet nature...and, as a few weeks, and now months passed, we continue to be amazed at his personality, and intelligence!   Our trainer already recognizes his incredible agility.   He is great with our two young boys, and I couldn't ask for a better, smarter dog.   Thanks Lisa and Kirk for the 'perfect' dog.        the Fosters, Hillsborough, NC.
I just wanted to say I am still amazed at how smart and sweet Fenway is! We were at a friend's house for a BBQ the other day and we brought him along. After a huge rain storm passed, we went outside and the kids ran through the field splashing through the puddles and looking for frogs. Fenway stayed right by Ryleigh's side and never wandered off or anything. Even when he was sitting by me (as pictured) he still watched every move she made while playing with the older boys. Although the Aussie breed is known for being a great family dog, I truly believe he is so great because of his breeding! You don't only breed beautiful dogs, but unbelievably intelligent, protective, and devoted dogs as well! Still can't thank you enough :)    The Morse Family
"Since acquiring my first mini Aussie from Lisa 7 years ago I have treasured every moment with my best friend, "Stoli".   Her dogs are truly just slightly smaller Australian Shepherds with all the same fun characteristics of a full size.   Stoli has turned everyone she meets into a fan.   She has loads of personality, is oh-so-clever and not to mention beautiful.   Now that we are looking for a sister for her - going back to Lisa was the first thing on my mind."     Jenna English

  We get stopped all the time asking where we got them from.  I have given out your web address to alot of people.  
We couldn't be happier with our new additions to our family.    We are really happy we took them both instead of just Star.    They don't like to be apart from each other now.    They both weigh around 35lbs.    Nick is 18 inches and Star is 16 inches.    I think they have finally stopped growing.  
They are so smart and very loveable.    They know alot of tricks now.    Star is stuborn in when she wants to do her tricks but she is so sweet she gets by with it.    Nick still has a great attitude just like you said he would.   Nick is such a happy boy - he wiggles his whole body.  

These guys have brought alot of happiness to our family.   They love all our grandchildren and are great with them.   We couldn't be happier.   Keep up the good work you are doing.   We keep watch on your web site often. Hope your husband is back home safe and sound by now.   We still keep you both in our prayers and thoughts.

Thank you again for raising these wonderful dogs.
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Shortly after my cocker spaniel crossed the rainbow bridge my home was empty without him. After my son purchased an Australian Shepherd I just fell in love with the breed. I did not want a large dog so I searched for a breeder of the Miniature Australian Shepherd. I located Bar-KL Miniature Australian Shepherds on the internet. I called & set up an appointment to meet the breeder and her dogs. After meeting with the breeder, Lisa, it was evident that she is very knowledgeable about the breed and answered any questions I had. I was able to meet several of her dogs including the mother of my new puppy who was pregnant at the time of the visit. Dakota was the sweetest dog and so friendly and just loved the attention. You could see that the dogs and the kennels were well taken care of and loved. I did not realize all the work that goes into breeding and caring for the puppies. Lisa truly cares for her dogs and the puppies she raises. My puppy was well cared for & a happy and healthy puppy. Lisa likes to follow up on her puppies once they arrive at their new homes to see how they are doing and answer questions you might have. I could not have asked for more from the breeder. It was an afternoon well spent at Bar-Kl Miniature Australian Shepherds with Lisa and her dogs. She made my son & I feel welcome. Needless to say, I felt so comfortable with the breeder I made a decision to leave a deposit that day. I now brought my puppy (Preston) home in December and he is the joy of my life. He is just as sweet & loveable as his mother (Dakota). He even smiles like her.

Thank you Lisa for all that you do to provide such beautiful, happy & healthy puppies
Just an update on Ruby.  She is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me besides my grandchildren. She is the sweetest, smartest, most endearing young lady ever!  Everywhere she goes, people fall in love with her.  She dreads the car, but once we're on our way somewhere, she settles right down on her bed in the back seat.  She's been to Wilmington twice, where her best buddy, a tick hound/yellow lab cross, lives.  She fears nothing, certainly not him!   They play nonstop.  She's been to Wintergreen, Va. and met my grandchildren and sons and their wives.  She prefers women to men, but warms up quickly to everyone.  She sits, comes and lies down on command and "stays with me" most of the time on a leash when we walk. She'll do anything for treats!  She has had only one accident in the house since she came home with me on Oct. 3, and that was when my husband fell asleep on the couch while I was at a lunch during my high school reunion and left Ruby loose in the house unsupervised.   She sleeps in a kennel in her bed beside my bed.

 I have truly been blessed with a remarkable, beautiful buddy who goes just about everywhere with me!!!  I believe she has a future as a therapy dog.  At least that's what I'm thinking now.

 Thank you!
 Bunny Bulluck (Elaine)